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Lars Van Ryna


During our last trip to north-eastern Poland, we visited the Biebrza National Park. We spent a few days in Leśniczówce Biebrzańska. It is a wonderful place for people looking for peaceful and quiet pleace. Beautiful, clean rooms and delicious homemade food, ensure perfect rest after a busy day.

We have exploring the wonderful Biebrza Marshes, one of Europe's most important wetlands where marshes and scrubby fens are interspersed with managed grassland.

We observe the Black Grouse lekking, see fights of Ruff, every bird having individual colours. Other waders are present as well on the flooded meadows with numerous breeding Godwits, Curlew, Redshank, single Dunlin and Marsh Sandpipers. Big flocks of migrating Spotted Redshank, Wood sandpipers, Greenshank with some Temninck's & Little Stint.

Geese on passage, White-fronted, Bean and Greylag with some Lesser White-fronted and Red-breasted Geese.

Breeding Crane and many more non breeding ones we sow in big groups on the meadows and flying overhead.

We have been walk into marshes along tracks where we will concentrate on birds of prey with Spotted, Lesser-spotted, Short-toed and White-tailed Eagles. There are many pairs of Montagu's Harrier and more and more Pallid Harriers over the last few seasons. Falcons are represented with Hobby, Peregrine and Red-footed Falcon which is not rare on passage in May.

We had an unforgettable adventure observing huge colonies of White-winged Black Tern where Scarlet Rosefinch.

We have search for Great Reed, Reed, Sedge, Savi's, River, Barred and Grasshopper Warbler, Bearded & Penduline Tits and lovely Bluethroat.

Continuing our birdwatching from the towers and roads to find the most interesting breeding birds with Bittern and Little Bittern, Great White Egret, numerous ducks with Garganey, Gadwall, Wigeon, Pintail, Shoveler, Little Gull and others.

In the late afternoon you we have a chance to observe four species of Snipe in one place. Common Snipe will fly in the afternoon over your heads. A bit later we had unforgettable images of Great Snipe courtship displays with leks in full swing! Roding Woodcocks will fly overhead. With a bit of luck ther is the chance of Jack Snipe. Everything will be to the accompaniment of numerous Corncrakes and Spotted Crakes calling.

Every evening in this region we walk to observe, Aquatic Warbler with Thrush Nightingale song and River Warbler accompaniment.

Mammals are represented by the king of swamps – the majestic Elk which lives here in large numbers so that it is easy to see individuals and sometimes several together from the watchtowers.

We observe the workaholic Beavers and with a bit of luck Otter which often live in their neighbourhood and are very frequently seen in the area.

Butterflies which occur in spring include Violet Cooper, Camberwell beauty, Clouded apollo and Swalowtail. There are many flowering plants with Lady's Slipper Orchid.

 Great-spotted Eagle, Thrush Nightingale, Great Snipe, Aquatic Warbler, Corncrake, Spotted and Little Crake, White winged Black Tern.


: powrót :
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